Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Stardust director Brad Tucker Illustrate Bright futures for Nemours
Listen friends,Bi-coastal production company stardust recently collaborated with ad agency Fry Hammond Bar on a Multi-spot compaign for Nemours,a network of children's hospital in florida and the mid-Atlantic.Directed by Stardust Brad tucker,the compaign combines hand-drawn cel
animation with drawn like-live action,capturing a sense a child like imagination and endless possibility.
"Nemours is a cool place for kids and the hand drawn style of the cel animation in the compaign was inspired by their creativity energy,"said Brad Tucker.
"cel animation is a labor of love with every frame drawn by hand,and the process let us dive deep into the range creativity talent that lives here at stardust".
The four-spot compaign imagine what a chile future might hold thanks to Nemours cutting edge technologies and specialized medical care.In "Backyard girl" a girl playful runs through a lush yard surrounded by flurry of animated flowers and animals."Musical girl"stars an aspiring youngster rocking out through the halls of school,and "Baseball boy" features a boy with dream of Baseball stardom;two different version of the later were created for the Orlando and Delaware markets respectively.Each of the spots blends footage of a child with Whimsical pops of cel animation that comes to life across each frame.
A standout spot in the compaign "backyard girl" was artfully shot by DP Ketil Dietrichson using Red camera,and enhanced with volumetric lighting ,lens flares and bright golden overtones using Autodesk flame.
Stardust animation film is draw each frame by hand,and completed 3D tracking in every scene to give animation depth before final compositing was completed in Adobe after effects.stardust turn around time for the compaign was five weeks.The spots are currently airing through out Orlando ,Fl and Delaware.