Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Examples of 2d animation:
The video of medical 2d animation:
here we can see the creating 2d medical animation.

Some Animation Ideas
2D Presentation:
2d animation is series of images viewed one after the other in very short time that creates an illustration of movements.
2d animation has helped to stimulate actions and movements that give the user a realistic experience.
To animate means to bring to life and communicate feelings through story telling.
The production stages include:
  • Pre-production(story board,character,and desing,Backgrounds)
  • Key animations
  • Clean-up and In-Between
  • post-production(professional voice recordings and integration,music composing,and animation compilation,and special effects)
Usages of 2d animations:
  • 2d animated movies
  • T.V serials
  • TV Ads
  • Cartoon films
  • Home videos games
  • engineering websites etc.

Ideas of Animation

Ideas of Animation
Learn 3D Character Animation -The Movie Hold

Monday, November 22, 2010

Pencil Traditional Animation Software:
pencil is an animation/drawing software for mac os x,windows,and linux.it lets you create traditional hand-drawn animation(cartoon)using both bitmap and vector graphics.pencils is free and open source.

Flash animation has typically distributed by way of the(www)-world wide web.in which case they are aften reffered to as internet cartoon,online cartoon,or webtoons.
Web flash animations may be interactive and are often created in a series.A flash animation is distingushed from a web comics,which is a comoic strip distributed via the web,rather then an animated cartoon.
Flash animation is now taught in schools throught out the UK and can be taken as a GCSE and o level.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

I want to create animation.which software can use lets we can see
Types of animation software:
There are several types of computer animation being created.Both 2d and 3d animation are popular but are used for different reasons.2d is used in Flash animation and Power point animationand focuses on manipulating a two-dimensional image.3d is used for building virtual based characters and object with in a virtual world.3d animation software can create a movies seems very real to viewer whereas 2d animation appears flat like cartoon is not usually integrated in to a non-animated film.
2d Animation software:
2d animation software typically created with flash software.the scene is draws as if the artist were drawing on paper.
the images are drawn by hand and scanned in to the computer or the images are dawn in the computer with an illustration program and then manipulated in the flash software.Brushes and pencils can be replaced by graphics tablet or a mouse.Flash animation is popula5r on the web as a means to demonstrate simple process to the viewer.
3d Animation software:
3d animation software requires every objects to be created on a wire frame model that contours to the shape drawn.the wire frame model is a 3d grid that allows the software to map the shape and sub sequent movements of the objects.
The artist assings colors and textures to the shape,Which allows the software to then create the character.the artist working in 3d animation software needs to be a good sculptor.3d animation software is used for film making.
Maya Animation software:
the most popular 3d animation software,and by for the most powerful available is mays.used for special effects as well as animation,Maya is the software most in demand in Hollywood.
other animation softawre used is 3ds max,lish wave 3d and soft image when Hollywood combines live film and animation they use one of the following software products
  1. Inferno
  2. Adobe effect after effect
  3. combustion

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Best Animation Course
One-Year Visual Effects&Animation
is an intensive course intogranting film with visual effects and animation production.By the end of the programme ,Students will have developed a core set of technical and create skills related to digital film making.
this is a create course and you will combine the visual effects and animation skills you acquire with fundamental knowledge of film making and cinemetography.
By studying with in a film school you will also have the oppertunity to collaborate on other students films,putting your skills to practice in the safty of a learning environment
For More Information:
The visual efects components of the course is taught using industry standard 3d and 2d compositing software.By the end of the year,students will have able to shoot their own HTfootage and successfully integrate.CG elements using a combination of maya,boujou,and nuke
In the animation of the course student will develop the acting and story telling skills in order to tell short stories successfully.
By the end of the year,students will have developed the technical skills required to create and animate their own 3d characters using a combination of maya,modbox,and photoshop.
one-year visual effects&animationcourse consistutes the first year BA(hons)practical film making degree.
Students moving in to the degree can choose to futher specialise in areas of production.including cinemetography.and visual effcts and animation.