Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Best Animation Course
One-Year Visual Effects&Animation
is an intensive course intogranting film with visual effects and animation production.By the end of the programme ,Students will have developed a core set of technical and create skills related to digital film making.
this is a create course and you will combine the visual effects and animation skills you acquire with fundamental knowledge of film making and cinemetography.
By studying with in a film school you will also have the oppertunity to collaborate on other students films,putting your skills to practice in the safty of a learning environment
For More Information:
The visual efects components of the course is taught using industry standard 3d and 2d compositing software.By the end of the year,students will have able to shoot their own HTfootage and successfully integrate.CG elements using a combination of maya,boujou,and nuke
In the animation of the course student will develop the acting and story telling skills in order to tell short stories successfully.
By the end of the year,students will have developed the technical skills required to create and animate their own 3d characters using a combination of maya,modbox,and photoshop.
one-year visual effects&animationcourse consistutes the first year BA(hons)practical film making degree.
Students moving in to the degree can choose to futher specialise in areas of production.including cinemetography.and visual effcts and animation.

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