Saturday, May 12, 2012

Animatix multimedia based in kolkata is a studio behinf the creation of the 2d animated serirs, Bentul-the great, based on the comic strips created by shri Narayan Debnath since the 1960s till date.The animated series currently airs on Zee Bangla every sunday at 10 am. Animatrix has already completed 42 animated episodes of 21 mins for the series and is developing more.
"Animatrix owns the copyrights of the animation format for the entire stories of Bantul-The Great created since 1964 till date.
Bantul is very powerful and he can lift anything like a train,a multistory building or even full range of hills and throw it directly at the culprits to punish them.The series have other two important characters, named Bacchhu and Bicchhu. Both of these notorious characters stay with Bantul at his home under his guidance.
Inattentive in their studies and irregular in school they always give a reason to neighbours to complain to Bantul.very often Bantul faces several embarrassing situations,created by the two boys,and is forced to give them a strong dose of punishment to teach them a lesson.
The Bentul is very innocent,always fights for good, protects his owned from outside enemies. All this is so familiar to the people here that it is impossible to change it even a little.
In the script my challenge is to maintain this balance,through it is an animated series,but we have the audiance of 8 to 80 years age group,and according to that the necessary changes in dialogues, environment,props,weapons,even the villain's activities need to be done.For example for the 60's or 70's audiance,they are not accustomed to see Bantul with mobile phone. 
he studio is working on 2 TV series,Bantul-The Great Buri O Magicman.telecast on every Sunday at 10.30am on Zee Bangla.Apart from this it is also going to start work on another series,named Handa-Bhonda, this is also a vary famous cartoon character of Bengal.