Thursday, March 31, 2011

Stardust's Holographic worlds for Black berry & BBDO Moscow.
3D holographic illusion shown with in a unique 3D display "station" highlight global connectivity of the MTS Black berry storm2 smart phone.
Bi-coaster production company stardust has been tapped by BBDO Moscow to create eye-popping holographic video content for client Black berry MTS that will be shown on a unique,new mixed reality 'Presentation station'(Real fiction's Dreamco 3D display)
The installation incorporates physical products with free floating holographic elements MTS will show the futuristic looking installation at major puplic Russia,including all three Moscow internati0nal airports as well as trade events,conferences and MTS retail stores starting in March.Director Alan Bibby and the production team at stardust created full-color
3D animated imagery designed to appear as if floating in space with in the Dreamco 3D display.
This content was than seamlessly integrated with a physical MTS Black berry storm smart phone affixed on a stand in the middle of the Dreamco.
"Designing for this unique medium presented some interesting challenges,but as creative problem solves,being able to make a dimensional visual sculpture rather than just a flat image was very enticing for us.
Because the Black berry storm2 phone works probably,BBDO wanted to show case the quality while also targeting audiences where they might be using mobile phones,or as they're about to travel highlight how the phone could take users across the entire planet,from the USA to England to Africa,Asia and back again swirling around the Black berry are compelling visuals of miniature worlds natural environments managers City Scapes,Monumonts and other iconography indigenous to each of these global region projected in to the environment in a holographic 3D illusion.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Kingston technology Collabrates with 20th century Fox's RIO.
Kingston Digital,INC., the flash memory affiliate of kingston technology company INC., the independent world leader in entertainment to offer special "RIO" themed packaged data traveller 101 4GB Flash drive and value RAM.
This strategic partner with the twentieth century Fox,who will be releasing the animated featured film RIO, in cinemas worldwide.This special edition will be available in themed packaging and each package will have graphics which will represent the lovable characters of RIO.The film,made by the creators of the successful ice age franchise,focuses on Blu, A domesticated Mascaw living in minnestoa with his owner,Linda,When Blu and his owner discover that he may be the last of his kind expect for one female mascaw in Rio de Janeiro named jewel.They head down to RIO find her.This 3D creation features voice work from Anne Hathaway and Jessee Eisen berg.
Applicable only on kingston's Data traveller 101 4GB flash drive and value RAM.These products will be launched in India,Taiwan, and Tailand by end of the March 2011.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Mixamo Fast character Animation for unity Developers.
The dynamic integration of mixamo's online Animation service with in the unity asset store allows developers to quickly and Easily animate their characters directly inside unity.
Mixamo inc. announced the integration of Mixamo's online animation service with in the unity asset store digital content market place.Mixamo's ever expanding repository of animation is now accessible to developers immediately in the unity development platform via a free plug in.providing an in-editor means to browse customize and purchase character animation.
A striking depature from the conventional labor intensive and time consuming character animation work flow,game developers can now animate characters in an intuitive and flexible way right inside unity,while at the same time tapping into thousands of professional animations and motion capture data.a user can simply select a character from their game project and browse the animation collection to find the perfect motion,previewed directly on their character customization is quick and easy using the animation dynamic they are looking are looking for.
"We want to make the process of creating animations for game character as simple and quick as possible while still giving to the developers freedom and interactivity,"said mixamo co-founder and CEO, stefano corazzo.
"The unprecedented extendibility of the unity editor allowed us to convert what is usually a long process in to a real time fun experience.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

DQE Announces 3D feature film release slate
DQE entertainment the global entertainment animation production and distribution company,announces its 3D feature film release slate currently under development,to be released starting onwards through 2014.
The company will release three 3D feature films starting 2012--13,with one release planned every year.
  1. The jungle book(2012-2013)
  2. The new adventure of peter plan(2013-14)
  3. The Phonenix and the flying concept (2013-14) These feature films are to be produced at a global budget of $25-30 million each.
The DQE feature film slate will be lead by the flagship properly of DQE,The jungle book 3D TV series,which has great success recently after being broad cast on leading networks such as TF1-France,ABC-Australia,BBC-UK,Disney-SE Asia,ZDE TV-Germany,TVO Canada,EBS Korea,and several other globally.The first season of The jungle book TV series in 3CG,has been sold in over 160 countries and has already been green lit for a season.
The company will further present these productions at the feature film makers at cannes and AFM with a view to appoint sales agent and distributors world wide.
The company has recently produced a 3D animated stereoscopic feature film "The prodigies"with onyx films and file life films,france to by distributed by warner Bros picture and studio 37,france.This brilliant action adventure animated 3D film is fast under completion and will soon be released world wide.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Bambi Bounds Blu-ray.
The Walt Disney studio proudly announces the addition of BAMBI to its coveted cutting-edge Blu-ray diamond collection line-up of Disney's greatest animation released from the Disney vault for a limited time only.
BAMBI Diamond Edition features the love able and adorable wide-eyed fawn and his forest friends in Blu-ray high-definition on March 1,2011.
The diamond Edition debut of BAMBI,Walt fifth full-length animated classic is an endearing tale about a young prince of the forest who learns valuable life-lessons about friendship,love,and the miracle of life.The movie is a must-own coming-of-age story that Walt Disney studios Home entertainment has especially experience with a newly enhanced digital restoration,enhanced picture and sound,game,activities and more.
The new BAMBI,Diamond Edition will be available as a 2-Disc Disney combo back(Blu-ray+DVD) for the suggestes retail price of $39.99.US/$ 46.99 canada,a high definition movie download for the suggested retail price of $19.99 US/$39.99 canada,and 1 or a standard Definition movie download for the suggested retail price of $14.99 US /$24.99 canada.
Those who wish to own the standard definition DVD version of BAMBI will need to wait seven additional weeks-untill April 19,2011
Disney's new "second screen" technology,which is being introduced for the very first time on the BAMBI Diamond Edition release,will further transform the at-home movie watching experience by empowering viewers with the ability to engage with film content on multiple media platforms and bring them to life in their own hands at the touch of a bottom by simply downloading the new Disney second screen Apple on to an internet-connected computer or ipad tm and synching it to the movie consumers will instantly be able to drive deeper in to the film by engaging with fun interactive elements like animated flipbook,gallerious,photos,trivia and more.
Autodesk Launched 2012 Digital entertainment creation productions.
Autodesk,INC.announced new release of the company's digital entertainment creation software and middleware.The 2012 versions enable interactive work flows,help users manage completely and provide new creative tools.Autodesk products have been used to create popular movies like Black swan ,chart-topping video games such as medal of honor,prime time television commercials like the Bridgestone carma super bowl ad and hit television shows such as Glee"Movie,video game television audiences are demanding more sophisticated content,Which is causing production complexity to outpace budgets,Marc petit, Autodesk senior vice president, media& entertainment to remain competitive,studio must improve production efficiency and maximize their creative capabilities.
2012 releases harness the latest hardware technology to increase performance and deliver stunning graphics in the viewport,petit continued.we have also enhanced interoper ability and simplified pipeline integration,making it easier for our customers to take advantage of specialized tools set and provided new creative tools for modern production trends like virtual movie making and stereoscopic 3D production.
The 2012 Autodesk Entertainment suites
Autodesk 3Ds max
2012 software delivers a new accelerated graphics core,m Rigids for dynamic rigid -body simulations in the viewport and new sculpting and painting enhancements like the clone brush.
Autodesk maya 2012
software provides significant enhancements to the view port offering full-screen effects,editable motin trails for animation editing in the view port, as well as simulation options.
Autodesk soft image2012
software provides new procedures ICE modeling,integrated syflex cloth simulation,stereoscopic capabilities and multiple core software development kit (SDK) additions.

Autodesk Mudbox 2012
software delivers enhancements to the painting tool set,innovative new UV and Topology-independent work flows,practical poising tools and improved large data set handling.

Autodesk motion Builder 2012
software provides new in view port stereoscopic display and camera rig, a unifield interface and solver for Autodesk Human lk 45 or 2012 middleware,as well as new tools for virtual movie making.

Creative Finishing software for film,Television and commercial post production.
Autodesk Flame premium software combins high-end visual effects and finishing tools with real time color grading in a single solution.The 2012 release features.
Ground breaking new tools that help artists integrate ultrarealistic 3D lighting effects in to compositing.
A range of new tools designed to make 3D compositing as fast and interactive as traditional 2D compositing
Autodesk smoke 2012
software offers a timeline-based all-in-one creative solution for professional finishing on the Macx. The smoke toolest spans color correction,compositing,3D visual effects and stereoscopic 3D and features an efficient complementary work flow with Apple final cut pro.The 2012 release contains:
A redesigned 3D lighting system
Flame FX, a comprehensive new set of creative and technical tool for common finishing tasks,featuring damage,Deform,Edge Detect and Pixal spread,
Autodesk Games Middleware for common Runtime challenges.
Autodesk game middleware technology helps solve known run time challenges ,The new middle ware releases offer the following enhancements.
Autodesk Human lk
Autodesk kynapse
Mirye software ships acclaimed shade 12 3D Modeling and rendering suite for Mac OSX and Windows.

New version of shade has new interface Rendring compatible with 3D TV, better material handling for animation and game development.
Mirye software announces shade12, the powerful modeling,animation and rendring platform for windows and mac OSX32 and 64 bit system.shade 12 features a powerful enhanced rendender that can make use of multiple cores and network rendring using shade gride notes.New features in shade 12.
A completely redesigned interface that intelligently groups related tool sets and allows users to immediatly switch between established workspace, such as modeling,animation and rendring or set up custom workspace.New preview options including GLSL phone rendring (with open GL2 support),task preview rendring and preview stereoscopic 3D.
2D illustration and photo to 3D models.
Sketch modeler makes it easy to turn 2Dillustration in to 3D characters. photo modeler lets you take multiple photographer and turn buildings and objects in them in to 3D objects.
New modeling options.Powerful mirror tool for mirroring geometry tool for deforming and non-destructive cage modeling and deformation for altering geometry,especially for animation.
#D Rendering options Advanced stereoscopic export includes traditional anaglyph (Red/blue.glasses)
3D rendering used in new Blu-ray and 3D capable moniters and Televisions and 3D vision platform shade also supports fujifilms multi-picture object (MPO) 3D format.
Volumetric lights shade's flexible system works hand in hand with other shade technologies, 64 and 128 bit HDRI background in images based lighting (IBL) and more.
support for volumetric materials,unlimited images per material,unlimitedper mesh,making it easier to work with maps created with in shade or importing maps made other software.