Friday, March 25, 2011

Mixamo Fast character Animation for unity Developers.
The dynamic integration of mixamo's online Animation service with in the unity asset store allows developers to quickly and Easily animate their characters directly inside unity.
Mixamo inc. announced the integration of Mixamo's online animation service with in the unity asset store digital content market place.Mixamo's ever expanding repository of animation is now accessible to developers immediately in the unity development platform via a free plug in.providing an in-editor means to browse customize and purchase character animation.
A striking depature from the conventional labor intensive and time consuming character animation work flow,game developers can now animate characters in an intuitive and flexible way right inside unity,while at the same time tapping into thousands of professional animations and motion capture data.a user can simply select a character from their game project and browse the animation collection to find the perfect motion,previewed directly on their character customization is quick and easy using the animation dynamic they are looking are looking for.
"We want to make the process of creating animations for game character as simple and quick as possible while still giving to the developers freedom and interactivity,"said mixamo co-founder and CEO, stefano corazzo.
"The unprecedented extendibility of the unity editor allowed us to convert what is usually a long process in to a real time fun experience.

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