Thursday, March 31, 2011

Stardust's Holographic worlds for Black berry & BBDO Moscow.
3D holographic illusion shown with in a unique 3D display "station" highlight global connectivity of the MTS Black berry storm2 smart phone.
Bi-coaster production company stardust has been tapped by BBDO Moscow to create eye-popping holographic video content for client Black berry MTS that will be shown on a unique,new mixed reality 'Presentation station'(Real fiction's Dreamco 3D display)
The installation incorporates physical products with free floating holographic elements MTS will show the futuristic looking installation at major puplic Russia,including all three Moscow internati0nal airports as well as trade events,conferences and MTS retail stores starting in March.Director Alan Bibby and the production team at stardust created full-color
3D animated imagery designed to appear as if floating in space with in the Dreamco 3D display.
This content was than seamlessly integrated with a physical MTS Black berry storm smart phone affixed on a stand in the middle of the Dreamco.
"Designing for this unique medium presented some interesting challenges,but as creative problem solves,being able to make a dimensional visual sculpture rather than just a flat image was very enticing for us.
Because the Black berry storm2 phone works probably,BBDO wanted to show case the quality while also targeting audiences where they might be using mobile phones,or as they're about to travel highlight how the phone could take users across the entire planet,from the USA to England to Africa,Asia and back again swirling around the Black berry are compelling visuals of miniature worlds natural environments managers City Scapes,Monumonts and other iconography indigenous to each of these global region projected in to the environment in a holographic 3D illusion.

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