Monday, March 7, 2011

Bambi Bounds Blu-ray.
The Walt Disney studio proudly announces the addition of BAMBI to its coveted cutting-edge Blu-ray diamond collection line-up of Disney's greatest animation released from the Disney vault for a limited time only.
BAMBI Diamond Edition features the love able and adorable wide-eyed fawn and his forest friends in Blu-ray high-definition on March 1,2011.
The diamond Edition debut of BAMBI,Walt fifth full-length animated classic is an endearing tale about a young prince of the forest who learns valuable life-lessons about friendship,love,and the miracle of life.The movie is a must-own coming-of-age story that Walt Disney studios Home entertainment has especially experience with a newly enhanced digital restoration,enhanced picture and sound,game,activities and more.
The new BAMBI,Diamond Edition will be available as a 2-Disc Disney combo back(Blu-ray+DVD) for the suggestes retail price of $39.99.US/$ 46.99 canada,a high definition movie download for the suggested retail price of $19.99 US/$39.99 canada,and 1 or a standard Definition movie download for the suggested retail price of $14.99 US /$24.99 canada.
Those who wish to own the standard definition DVD version of BAMBI will need to wait seven additional weeks-untill April 19,2011
Disney's new "second screen" technology,which is being introduced for the very first time on the BAMBI Diamond Edition release,will further transform the at-home movie watching experience by empowering viewers with the ability to engage with film content on multiple media platforms and bring them to life in their own hands at the touch of a bottom by simply downloading the new Disney second screen Apple on to an internet-connected computer or ipad tm and synching it to the movie consumers will instantly be able to drive deeper in to the film by engaging with fun interactive elements like animated flipbook,gallerious,photos,trivia and more.