Monday, March 7, 2011

Mirye software ships acclaimed shade 12 3D Modeling and rendering suite for Mac OSX and Windows.

New version of shade has new interface Rendring compatible with 3D TV, better material handling for animation and game development.
Mirye software announces shade12, the powerful modeling,animation and rendring platform for windows and mac OSX32 and 64 bit system.shade 12 features a powerful enhanced rendender that can make use of multiple cores and network rendring using shade gride notes.New features in shade 12.
A completely redesigned interface that intelligently groups related tool sets and allows users to immediatly switch between established workspace, such as modeling,animation and rendring or set up custom workspace.New preview options including GLSL phone rendring (with open GL2 support),task preview rendring and preview stereoscopic 3D.
2D illustration and photo to 3D models.
Sketch modeler makes it easy to turn 2Dillustration in to 3D characters. photo modeler lets you take multiple photographer and turn buildings and objects in them in to 3D objects.
New modeling options.Powerful mirror tool for mirroring geometry tool for deforming and non-destructive cage modeling and deformation for altering geometry,especially for animation.
#D Rendering options Advanced stereoscopic export includes traditional anaglyph (Red/blue.glasses)
3D rendering used in new Blu-ray and 3D capable moniters and Televisions and 3D vision platform shade also supports fujifilms multi-picture object (MPO) 3D format.
Volumetric lights shade's flexible system works hand in hand with other shade technologies, 64 and 128 bit HDRI background in images based lighting (IBL) and more.
support for volumetric materials,unlimited images per material,unlimitedper mesh,making it easier to work with maps created with in shade or importing maps made other software.

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