Friday, December 31, 2010

IFFK Signature Film Released

Film produced by Toonz Animation,screened at Kalabhavan on 5th dec.
International film festival of kerala-IFFK signature feature film titled "DREAMS" was released at kalabhavan theatre today by Hon minister for Transport,Jose Thettayil.
The film well received across was a 30 second animated film conceived and developed by Toonz Animation.The signature film portrays the generation of ideas incubated in cocoons drawing inspiration from water and land and merging into the final from of the puppet logo of the IFFK in the screen -sky.
The concept was short listed by a panel of experts and produced entirely at Toonz studio in Techno park.
"It was long over due for Toonz to associate with IFFK happening at our door sten considering the fact that for the last ten years.we were producing movies for the world.We are proud,happy,and a touch nervous on how the film will be received by the general audience,said p jayakumar,CEO,Toonz Animation.
The concept was created by sooraj mk and developed by mahesh vettiyar.Animation Director for the famous Bollywood film "Koi mil Gaya" and Toona creative Director Harivarma supervised the production of the signature film.
Toona CEO,Jayakumar,IFFK festival Director,Beena paul and chalachitra Academy chairman,Kr mohanan were also present for screening of the film.

'World's first' glasses-free 3D TV hits stores in Japan

'World's first'glasses-free 3D TV hits stores in Japan
Toshiba on Wednesday launched in Japan what it calls the world's first television that allows viewers to see 3d images without having to wear special glasses,amind intensifying competition in the market.
But while curious shoppers stoped to test out the screen at an electronics store in central Tokyo as the 12-inch model of the REGZA GL1 series went on sale,there were doubts as to whether the technology will catch.
The new model with a liquid cristal display carries a price tag of 119,800 zen(1,400 dollers),Which may out off consumers accoustomed to telling price.
A 20-inch model will be released on Saturday.While other 3d cable TVs require glasses that act as filters to separate images to each eye,creating the illusion of depth Toshiba's new screen.use processing technology to create depth-filled images .
The REGZA GL1 series also allows users to switch between 2d and 3d on normal TV programs.
Rival sharp earlier this year unveiled a small glasses free.LCD touch screen that shows 3d images fro use in mobile phones,digital cameras and games consoles.such as Nintendo's 3ds.
Which is set for release in Japan in Feburary .
Toshiba, see 3D images without having to wear special glasses, Regza GL1 Series, Bic Camera

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Chintu Skool, First 2D animation feature film in Kannada
Colors N Motion pictures studio private limited,A bangalore Based animation studio is collabrating
With Sri Mahalakshmi combines,to release the first 2d animation feature film'chintu skool' in Kannada.
Chintu skool is fantasy entertainer by Seshagiri Yelameli, well known name in television.It deals with the story of a school boy,Who goes on to educate his under privileged and illiterate friends.At an investment of about rs.3 crores,90 minutes and 2d animation film.
'chintu skool' was made by a 30 member team working hard for over a year.Thefilm is currently under post-production and slated to be released by April2011.
The story,Screenplay,direction and overall production were handled by seshagiri Yelameli while Ramesh-Arvind,chidanand,Ranjith,BM venkatesh,Anirud and Nisha have lent their voice.
"There are also plans to dub the film in other languages after the release of original kannada versions",said seshagiri yelameli.
By releasing chintu skool this team becomes,the first,to deliver a 2d animation feature film in kannada.
Colors N Motion Pictures studio Private limited, Sri Mahalakshmi Combines, first 2D animation feature film in kannada, Chintu Skool, Seshagiri Yelameli

I&B to promote gaming, animation industry

Task Force set up to suggest policy measures.
In a bid to give a boost to the sunrise sectors of animation,gaming and VFX(Visual effects imaginary),the information and Broad casting ministry is involving players from the industry in a big way in evolving a policy that helps them release their true potential.
A 13-member task force has been constituted a dwell upon various issues concerning these sectors.The committee headed by I&B additional secretary Rajiv Takru has been give freedom to evolve own methodology to ensure widest possible consultations on a 14-point charter in the terms of references and submit its report with in six months from the date of its first meeting.Be sides director(film's) as member secretary and the joint secretary (films) as a member,others from the industry are:
Mahesh samath(Walt Disney India),Ashish Kulkarni(Big animation reliance),Topash chakravarthy(DQ entertainment),Rajesh rao (Dhruva games(Vishal Gondal(UTV india games),AK madavan(crest Animation studios),Jaspreet Bindra(Microsoft),Munjal Shroff(Graphiti multimedia),s nagarajan(Visual computing lap,Tata ELXSI),and leena jaisani(FICCI)
Ministry of Information & Broadcasting India, I&B, MIB, gaming, animation industry, Mahesh Samath, Ashish Kulkarni, Tapash Chakravarty, Rajesh Rao, Vishal Gondal, A K Madhavan, Jaspreet Bindra, Munjal Shroff, S Nagarajan, Leena Jaisani

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

About 3d Artist Job
3d Modeling,3d Animation,Rendering,Texturing, and more.3d animators,3d modelers,texture artist all of them call Themselves 3d artist.
3d modeling is so high that very few persons can reach this standard while spending most of their time doing only one activity like Texturing.3d animation or 3d modeling.
For 3d modeling is required.
  • Polygonal 3d modeling tools and techniques.
  • 3d modeling tool:Extrude,Split,Bevel,Create Merge,Delete,Collapse,Polygons,Edges or Vertices.
3d modeling methods:Box modeling methods,edge or polygonal extrude modeling methods,polygonal creation method,Elements spliting methods together with edge and ring loop concepts.
  • Nurbs 3d modeling tools and techniques.
  • Spline 3d modeling tool and techniques.
The Ability to give the required from to the 3d model.
The skill required
  • The feel for proportions.
  • Sculpting tallent and understanding the 3d space.
  • Anatomical Knowledge for characters,3d modeling.
  • patience and ability to accept critque.
For 3d animation is required:Knowledge 3d animation and Techniques.
Acting talent and ability to show character.
A good feel of motion and mass basic knowledge of physics to show realism in animations.
Knowledge of Traditional animation principals to make the animations more interesting and appealing.
Texture Required:Excellent painting and drawing skills.
Understanding of UV mapping and un wrapping.

Walt Disney New film coming year March 2011
Movie description:Based on the book by Berkeley Breathed,Mars needs Moms is a Disney 3d scientific computer animated film Image movers Digital Studio.
Directed by Simon Wells and Starring Seth Green and Joan Cusack,Mars needs to rescue his mother from martians,who've abducted her and taken her to their planet to teach martian Mothers how to"be a mom".
Young Milo's adventure include stowing away on a spaceship,finding his way around Mars,collabrating with an "underground"earth man and a dis affected martian girl toassist him,and discovering just how vitally important his mother Really is to him.Milo's epiphany brings the films full-circle and is certain to produce an impressive "awwww"response from viewers.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Any film studio would kill for a movie that earns north of $400 million domestically while drawing near universal raves from 2010 features managed both feats,a one-two punch that normally would generate serious talk of an Oscar for best picture.Too bad the film features an animated Toy named Woody.
"Toy Story 3" featuring the voice of Tom Hanks as woody and Tim Allen as Buzz light year,seems the most likely film to shatter the animated glass ceiling.But it won't be easy.
For years,Oscar voters have viewed animation as a second -tier genre,worth dragging your nephew to see,but hardly art with a capital "A".
But the times,and movie demographics-are changing animated films such as "Mega mind"and
"how to Train your Dragon" routinely demolish the competition at the box office,and animated films hold slots on the list of the 10 top-grossing films this year.
"Toy Story 3","How to Train Dragon","Sherk for ever After and Despicable me."

Azimi producing 3D animation on Iran’s renowned Masuleh town

The Iranian animator Bahram Azimi is currently producing a 3d animation named"Masuleh"
"The 8-10 minute animation has 4 main characters and,unlike my previous work with comic
context, it has a tragic theme with no dialogue,"Azimi" told the persian service of Fars.
Azimi is mostly known for the animator driving commercials he has made for the Iranian police.Hulti and siva saketi the two characters in the commercials,are very popular in iran.
"Masuleh has an international story but with a completely Iranian identify featuring on old man who once a famous Champion",he said,
The detailing is so extensive that it seems as if they are real.he said,adding that has also tied to depict the natural beauty of the country in this production.
Located 36 kilometers south west of Fuman in Gilan province,Masuleh is a living museum of architecture and cultural anthropology;With its beautiful house hugging the cliffs,rising vertically upward,with rooftops and town streets.
Animation lelila shabaninejad ,editor Ensan Azimi,screen play advisor Esmaeil sharein and musician Ami mir-Aqasi are collabrating in this project.The team is trying .
"Tehram 2121",one of Iran's biggest animated projects,is Azimi's other credit that will go on screen in 2011.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Scooby-Doo (character)

Scoobert "Scooby" Doo is a great Dane belonging to Norville "Shaggy" Rogers.Scooby-Doo and shagy share several personality traits.including tremendous appetites and tendencies toward cowerdice.Due to their said cowerdice.Scooby-Doo as well as shaggy would often have to be bribed by their cohorts (Velma Dinkley, Daphne Blake and Fred Jones) to go after the costumed villains with"Scooby Snacks" a biscuit like dog treat or cookie snack.Although some times,Scooby Snacks won't work on Shaggy,so he may get "Shaggy snacks".
Scooby has some difficulty with pronunciation and tends to pronounce most words as if they begin with an "r".His catch phrase usually howled at the end of every episode is "Scooby-Doo"
Don messick originated the characters voice pattern's and provided scooby-Doo production from1969 until messick died in 1997 .Hadley key voiced him in the Jonny Brave-Scooby-Doo crossover episode.Scott innes voiced Scooby-Doo in four late 1990's /early direct-to-video films,and Frank and Walker took over beginning withWhat's New, Scooby-Doo? in 2002.
Neil Fanning provided the voice of the computer generated Scooby present in the two warner Bros.Live action feature films,With in the universe of the show,Scooby-Doo was born on the
Knittingham Puppy Farm (owned by Mrs. Knittingham);his "fuul" first name is Scoobert.
Mickey Mouse
The most famous cartoon character in animation.
"I only hope that we never lose sight of one thing.
That it was all started by a mouse".

The mickey mouse is the most famous and popular of all Disney Characters and the very very main protagonist.over the years mickey has become an icon and the symbols of the Walt Disney company.
Fancifully estimated as standing 2ft 3 in (69cm) and weighing 23 pounds(10kg).Mickey rapidly rose to the pinnacle of American culture being more widely recognized overseas than any other American icon but the u.s.flag.
For over eight years.he has signified The Walt Disney Company,animation,good will,fun,laughter and most of all Walt Disney him self.
It was said by lillian Disney his wife that over the years.Mickey and Walt grew together and were mirror of each Other's personality.They both started off mischievous and cheeky,but as they grew older preferred to step out of the spot light and observe others work their magic.president Jimmy carter once said:
"Mickey mouse is the simple of good will,surpassing all languages and cultures.When one sees mickey mouse the see happiness",
Micky's 3 circle silhouette serves as the logo for most of Disney's subsidiaries,serve for the ones that don't carry the "Disney or 'Walt Disney'", label.
The art of Mickey mouse used warhol's famous pop art techniques on the classic mouse.Ever since his creation Mickey mouse has been knows as the world's famous cartoon character.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Warner Bros.

New Clips and Stills from Coyote/Road Runner Short "Rabid Rider"

Warner Bros.Animation has released the video clip and shot from "Rabid Rider" the next CGI
coyote/Road Runners short to screen before the new Yogi Bear Movie.
In "Rabid Rider" the third of three looney Tunes theatrical 3D cartoon shorts introducing these beloved characters to a whole new generation of fans as the coyote continues his epic quest to the capture the Road Runner.Will E.coyote's latest plan involves a state-of-the-art-two wheeled self-balancing electronic scooter.with the Road Runner in his sights,how can it go wrong?probably a lot of ways.

Sony Pictures Animation Lands Film Project from Industry Vets

Sony Pictures Animation has picked up an original project with the attached talent of Oscar nominated Writer David Reynold.
Animation veteran stephan Franck and the Gotham group.Reynolds, who-wrote finding Nemo,will write the script based on an original story from Franck the supervising animator on the Iron Gaint, who will direct Ellen Goldsmith-vein,peter McHugh and Eric Robinson of the Gotham Group will exec.produce as will Academy Award winner Karen Dufilho-Rosen,
Who produced Geri's Game and for the Birds for Pixer.
The film is the first in four picture,First look deal that Gotham singed with sony pictures Animation in 2009.
The plot is being kept under Wrap
Reynold's credit include a slew of Disney movies ranging from Tarzan to chicken little as well as range of pixer movies including A Blug's life and Toy Story 2.
Franck eas story board artist on dispicable me,and co-created the Multi-Award-Winning international animated TV series corneil and Bernie with his Brother Emmanuel.
Alexa Amin vice president of development for sont picture Animates is Overseeing the production for the studio.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Toy Story 3 2010
The creators of the beloved "TOY STORY"films re-open box and bring moviegoers back to the delightful world of woody,Buzz and our favorite gang of toy characters in TOY STORY 3.Woody and Buzz had accepted that their owner Andy would grow up someday,
Andy is preparing to depart for college,leaving his loyal toys troubled about their uncertain feature LeeUnkrich-directs this highly anticipated film,and michel Arndt,the academy
Award-winner screen writer to "Little miss sunshine" bring his unique talents and comedic
sensibilities to the proceeding.
Toy Story 3 will be presented in Disney Digital 3d in select Theaters.
TOY STORY 3 2010
Toonpur Ka Superhero Director Joins International Animation Consulting Group.
International American Consulting group(IACG) has approached indian film maker kireet has directed an animation plus live action film.
Tanpur ka superhero starring Ajay Devgn and kajol to release on dec 24 this year.World renowned animators like Bill Dennis,Max howard and frank lunn are few members who are part of IACG.IACG that provides first hand knowledge on how to develop and produce and distribute animated content for feature films and television have made their presence felt in west.
They are now looking forward to service india since Animation is one of the fastest emerging trends in india film industry.
kireet has been offered prestige position in the advisory panel at IACG with 15 tor professional in animation film making fro over all the world.
kireet is creative head and Director at climb media.kreet's father mr.Bhim saia is considered to be poineer of indian animation who brought to the country with feature like Ek Anek keta.
mr.Bhim sain is also a veteran of avan-great parallel cinema.who won an unprecedented 16 president National awards and has directed and produced award-winning feature films like Gharaonda and Doooriyan.
the Bill denis said,The group is very pleased to add kireet to its advisory board."He has the combination of rare creative talent,Daring,characters and Knowledge that personities the sprit of the international Animation consultancy group".
Dream works animation SKG,inc.Today announced that it will bring Me and Shadow,an original project to the big screen in March of 2013.
Tags:Me and My Shadow,Dream works animation,Dream works animation movies,Dream works animation studios,Dream works animation skg,
Dream works animation SKG,inc.Today announced that it will bring Me and Shadow,an original project to the big screen in March of 2013.
Dream works animation SKG,inc.The studio in poineer a ground breaking combination of both CG and traditional animation techniques which will be used seamlessly together throughout this 3d feature film.
"we proud to have assembled a world class creative team of film makers and artists.all of whom have vast experience on both computer generated and traditionally animated films.
"Me and My Shadow" co-president of production for Dream works animation.we are embarking an a exiting goal to brake new create ground at Dream works animation by combining the time-honored tradition of hand drawn animation with a magical sophistication CG characters and worlds in ways that have never been experiencd by audience before.
Me and My shadow tells the story shadow stan,an extremely frustrated Shadow who years for a Dynamic life but happen to be stuck with stanley cubb,The world most boring human.finaly pushed to the brink,shadow satan breaks the singular rule of the shadow world,.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Sony Animator Sets Nemo Writer,New Director For Untitled feature:

Oscar nominated screen writer David Reynold has been hired to write an untitled animated feature film based on an original story by animation veteran stephan franck who will also dirt.
The film is the first in four picture,first look deal that gotham singed with Pictures Animation in 2009.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

News of Animation-The case for Oscar:"TOY STORY3" named among AFI's TOP 10 for 2010
"Toy story 3" continues to strengthen it case for an oscar bid as best picture.
The American film institute on Sunday named the Disney/Pixer 3d feature as one of its best 10 movies of 2010.the sole animation to crack AFI list.
last years "up" Disney/pixars and 1991's "Beauty and the beast" are the only animated film to receive Academy Award nominations for best picture.
Won the Oscar Award this year for best animated.
Best picture win "Walt Disney studios honcho Rich Ross told Deadline Hollywood last month.
"we want to have the best movie ant the reviews have clearly said that and its the number one-Box office hit of the year.
The studio recent compaign placed "Toy story3" characters in the posters of such previous Best pictures winner as "shakespeare in love" .
Disney is the major studio never to have won the best picture Oscar.
Dream works 'me and my shadow' To combine CG and 2d

3D Animation project,Animated movies,Animated news,Video games\
3D animation studio Dream works Animation SKG inc.,today announced that it will bring me and my shadow and original project to the big screen in march of 2013.The studio pioneer
a ground breaking combination of both CG and traditional animation techniques,Which will be used saemlessly together throughout to the 3d feature film.

"we are proved to have assembled a world-class creative team of film makers and artists-of all whom have vast experience on both computer generated and traditionally animated films.
"Me and My Shadow" said Bill of production for Dream works computer. By combining the time-honored tradition of hand drawn computer.with magical
sophistication of CG character and worlds in many that have never been experienced by audience before".
Me and My Shadow tells the story of Shadow stan, an extremely shadow who yearns for dynamically life but happens to be stuck with Stanley.
Grubb,the world most boring human.finally pushed to the brink,shadow stan breaks the singular rule of the shadow world and takes control of Stanley!

Tangled movie story:
Tangled is an animated film produce by Walt Disney pictures.The story is loosly based on the ancient table of Rupunzel (voice by mandy more)
Is the girl is the very long hair,magical hair.she is a princess.who was taken parents from castle when she was a baby and locked away in a secluded tower
A bandit named Flynn Rider(voice by Zachary levi)ends up choosing the very same tower as a hide out totally unaware that a princess is held captive there.
Repunzel ends up escaping with Flynn and they embark on the hilarious adventure.
This is adventure movie, a comedy and musical all wrapped up in to one.\
Children will love this movie but its also something adult movie enjoy as well.
The Art of Disney's "Tangled" author of Jeff Krutti

Animated views:As a connoisseur of Disney history,both in the movies and the did you react the "Tangled".With all references it it in the layout or in the architecture(Disney park).
Jeff Krutti:The idea of the film maker is the simple one:to took at what had been done throughout the history of Disney and examine what the creative people in the past were doing to archieve the result they did.For many of the artist,it was an indefinable "Disney feeling" and they say out to figure out what was going on to make all of those Disney film and park feel the way they did,and elict the kinds of emotional reactions that they do based on purly visual information.
"Disney feelings was purly personal,and based on their pwn memories of Disney experience in their past,rather then some quentified design formula or art style.

"in walt's ,time animators and designers would tell that took lessons from classical art.Disney artists seem to rather stress the fact that their references come from classics on princess and the frog,inspired by lady and the tramp tangled inspired by cinderella or sleeping beauty.

Tangled was developed in several years,and has a huge inventory of concept development and design art.Glen nakasako of smog design,and create a design and relationship between the varied art commensurate with the skill and beauty of the art it self

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Friday, December 10, 2010

Creating Gif animated image using photoshop

1.creating a new photoshop a Document by pressing ctrl+N.Then set the value width400 pixels and height 200 pixels.
changing other option values is not necessary for this project.just set in height and
width. change background color to black or any other colors you want.
Right click the gradient tool and select paint bucket tool.

3.change the color by click on the foreground color and choose the color and want to use.

4.Then click the paint bucket tool again and click on your document to fill its content with paint bucket.

5.Then click the horizontal tool and click on your document type the text you want to display.if u want to text type and font type and font color.just the top of the value on the top of the scree.and set font type you want to display.

6.Then click the icon image ready icon or press Ctrl+Shift+M.Your application will transform now Adobe photoshop to Image Ready.There we will starting to animate the image.Check ur selection still is it on horizontal on the move tool and click on jump to image Ready. there are situation that are document has blue lines on it.just ignore.under the monitor you will see the animation window.
Click on the duplicate current frame icon,its the icon that looks like paper.

8.The animation window will now add new animation frame .Then set its time to one seconds by clicking the"0 sec" caption the new frame created.

9.Then layer window "right click" the text window and select the layer style and select the quter glow.Your will now have Glowing effect.
Then the animation window again to add more one frame.

10."Right click select the text layer and select "clear style type""

11.Now we are finished the project.lets save our clicking file menu save in that Gif file.