Wednesday, December 8, 2010

3D Modeling
The second stage of animate film making:About 3d modeling\
3d models represent a 3d objects using a collection of points in 3d space.3d models are widely used anywhere in 3d graphics.3d models are used in wide variety of fields.
The movie industry uses them as characters and objects for animated and real-time motion pictures.
3d models can be divided in two categories
  • solied
  • shell/boundry
Modeling process
There are five popular waysto represent a model
  1. MAYA Tutorial - Polygonal Modeling

Points in 3d spaces,called vertices,are connected by line segments to from a polygonal mesh.used,for example by Blender.polygonal and planner and can only approximate curved surfaces using many polygons.
Rhino 3d and solidThinkingNURBS surfaces are defined by spline curves,which are influenced by weighted control points.nurbs are truly smooth surfaces.
  • Splines &patches modeling-like NURBS,splines and patches depend on curved linesto define the visible surface.patches fall somewhere between nurbs and polygons in terms of flexiblity
  • Primitives modeling-this procedures takes geometric primitives like balls,cylinders,cones or cubesas building blocks for more complex models.primitive models as well suited for technical applications and less for organic shapes.some 3d models can directly render primitives.(likePOV-Ray)

A modern render of the iconic Utah teapot model developed by Martin Newell (1975). The Utah teapot is one of the most common models used in 3D graphics education.

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