Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Art of Disney's "Tangled" author of Jeff Krutti

Animated views:As a connoisseur of Disney history,both in the movies and the park.how did you react the "Tangled".With all references it uses.be it in the layout or in the architecture(Disney park).
Jeff Krutti:The idea of the film maker is the simple one:to took at what had been done throughout the history of Disney and examine what the creative people in the past were doing to archieve the result they did.For many of the artist,it was an indefinable "Disney feeling" and they say out to figure out what was going on to make all of those Disney film and park feel the way they did,and elict the kinds of emotional reactions that they do based on purly visual information.
"Disney feelings was purly personal,and based on their pwn memories of Disney experience in their past,rather then some quentified design formula or art style.

"in walt's ,time animators and designers would tell that took lessons from classical art.Disney artists seem to rather stress the fact that their references come from classics on princess and the frog,inspired by lady and the tramp tangled inspired by cinderella or sleeping beauty.

Tangled was developed in several years,and has a huge inventory of concept development and design art.Glen nakasako of smog design,and create a design and relationship between the varied art commensurate with the skill and beauty of the art it self

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