Saturday, December 18, 2010

Toonpur Ka Superhero Director Joins International Animation Consulting Group.
International American Consulting group(IACG) has approached indian film maker kireet has directed an animation plus live action film.
Tanpur ka superhero starring Ajay Devgn and kajol to release on dec 24 this year.World renowned animators like Bill Dennis,Max howard and frank lunn are few members who are part of IACG.IACG that provides first hand knowledge on how to develop and produce and distribute animated content for feature films and television have made their presence felt in west.
They are now looking forward to service india since Animation is one of the fastest emerging trends in india film industry.
kireet has been offered prestige position in the advisory panel at IACG with 15 tor professional in animation film making fro over all the world.
kireet is creative head and Director at climb media.kreet's father mr.Bhim saia is considered to be poineer of indian animation who brought to the country with feature like Ek Anek keta.
mr.Bhim sain is also a veteran of avan-great parallel cinema.who won an unprecedented 16 president National awards and has directed and produced award-winning feature films like Gharaonda and Doooriyan.
the Bill denis said,The group is very pleased to add kireet to its advisory board."He has the combination of rare creative talent,Daring,characters and Knowledge that personities the sprit of the international Animation consultancy group".

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