Friday, December 10, 2010

Simply created logo using Flash software
We can create logos using Adobe flash or illustrator.the ones that are animated were often created in Adobe flash,which is allow for logo to be animated.
Here some instructions for creating logo in Flash and a few additional options
  • Design your logo-Draw a draft image of your logo using pen and paper.if u created directly in down the basic information like color and animation effects("trivial","spin","Flash")
  • Use the tool in Flash to draw and create your image outline on a standard-sized may help you to zoom in on the various parts you are working on to get more precise lines and connections.keep parts of your logo on different layers if it will help on organize the layout.
  • Use the paint brush or paint bucket to add the appropriate fills to your outlines logo .use gradients in the color mixer.Where appropriate to add to extra zest to your logo
  • Add special effects or filters to your logo at this point if you want using properties of inspector.common filters includes blur effects and glows or drop shadows.
  • Animate your logo using twinning or actions script
Saving Exporting and using your logo\
  • Save tie log in the variety of formats by choosing "file" from the menu and then "export".if your logo is animated,it can be exported as a.swf file for websites,as a moving file or as an animated gif file.Gif file has less quality then other file types.
  • Export the static logo in one of the many standard graphics formats,including.jpg,.png,pmb,.ai,.emf.
  • Make sure save the ,.fla,.working files in case you need to adjustments to the logo

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