Monday, December 27, 2010

Azimi producing 3D animation on Iran’s renowned Masuleh town

The Iranian animator Bahram Azimi is currently producing a 3d animation named"Masuleh"
"The 8-10 minute animation has 4 main characters and,unlike my previous work with comic
context, it has a tragic theme with no dialogue,"Azimi" told the persian service of Fars.
Azimi is mostly known for the animator driving commercials he has made for the Iranian police.Hulti and siva saketi the two characters in the commercials,are very popular in iran.
"Masuleh has an international story but with a completely Iranian identify featuring on old man who once a famous Champion",he said,
The detailing is so extensive that it seems as if they are real.he said,adding that has also tied to depict the natural beauty of the country in this production.
Located 36 kilometers south west of Fuman in Gilan province,Masuleh is a living museum of architecture and cultural anthropology;With its beautiful house hugging the cliffs,rising vertically upward,with rooftops and town streets.
Animation lelila shabaninejad ,editor Ensan Azimi,screen play advisor Esmaeil sharein and musician Ami mir-Aqasi are collabrating in this project.The team is trying .
"Tehram 2121",one of Iran's biggest animated projects,is Azimi's other credit that will go on screen in 2011.

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