Friday, December 31, 2010

'World's first' glasses-free 3D TV hits stores in Japan

'World's first'glasses-free 3D TV hits stores in Japan
Toshiba on Wednesday launched in Japan what it calls the world's first television that allows viewers to see 3d images without having to wear special glasses,amind intensifying competition in the market.
But while curious shoppers stoped to test out the screen at an electronics store in central Tokyo as the 12-inch model of the REGZA GL1 series went on sale,there were doubts as to whether the technology will catch.
The new model with a liquid cristal display carries a price tag of 119,800 zen(1,400 dollers),Which may out off consumers accoustomed to telling price.
A 20-inch model will be released on Saturday.While other 3d cable TVs require glasses that act as filters to separate images to each eye,creating the illusion of depth Toshiba's new screen.use processing technology to create depth-filled images .
The REGZA GL1 series also allows users to switch between 2d and 3d on normal TV programs.
Rival sharp earlier this year unveiled a small glasses free.LCD touch screen that shows 3d images fro use in mobile phones,digital cameras and games consoles.such as Nintendo's 3ds.
Which is set for release in Japan in Feburary .
Toshiba, see 3D images without having to wear special glasses, Regza GL1 Series, Bic Camera

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