Tuesday, December 28, 2010

About 3d Artist Job
3d Modeling,3d Animation,Rendering,Texturing, and more.3d animators,3d modelers,texture artist all of them call Themselves 3d artist.
3d modeling is so high that very few persons can reach this standard while spending most of their time doing only one activity like Texturing.3d animation or 3d modeling.
For 3d modeling is required.
  • Polygonal 3d modeling tools and techniques.
  • 3d modeling tool:Extrude,Split,Bevel,Create Merge,Delete,Collapse,Polygons,Edges or Vertices.
3d modeling methods:Box modeling methods,edge or polygonal extrude modeling methods,polygonal creation method,Elements spliting methods together with edge and ring loop concepts.
  • Nurbs 3d modeling tools and techniques.
  • Spline 3d modeling tool and techniques.
The Ability to give the required from to the 3d model.
The skill required
  • The feel for proportions.
  • Sculpting tallent and understanding the 3d space.
  • Anatomical Knowledge for characters,3d modeling.
  • patience and ability to accept critque.
For 3d animation is required:Knowledge 3d animation and Techniques.
Acting talent and ability to show character.
A good feel of motion and mass basic knowledge of physics to show realism in animations.
Knowledge of Traditional animation principals to make the animations more interesting and appealing.
Texture Required:Excellent painting and drawing skills.
Understanding of UV mapping and un wrapping.

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