Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Animation Texturing
3d Animated Texturing-3d animations textures are animated structure of some building part or it
can also defined as physical representation of the same.This structures will give exact information regarding shape,size and arrange building parts to get better results
Texturing refers to the process by which professional animators are able to produce astonishing details.
Detailing includes clothing,hair,eye,colors,skin etc.
The roll of the texture artist in 3d animation
"skin"-out side shape and color of an animated object-that makes multidimensional object come to life.Texture alone can create the illusion of dryness,or moisture,heat or cold,smoothness or roughness,vitality or death
on any objects.
Texture artists assist in the creation of a textrure style sheet or style guide that determines that look and feel of all the character skins and landscape textures used in the over all projects.
The texture artist will create skins from the software illustration or program,or by scanning textures from exiting photographs.
"map" the textures directly against the objects,characters,landscape,and environment of the animation.
Solid texture rendering skill will remain in consistent in the work place.

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