Friday, December 10, 2010

Animated Logos With Xara 3D
Xara 3d is a small program and extremely simple to allows u to create static 3d text and you can the animate that text to yield animated 3d text images.
if u have your logos can easily set in motion.
You can make front from logos in three steps.import the logo image in to Adobe photoshop and creating a path.
The export the path information as .ai(Adobe illustration) file.if your logo was created Adobe illustrator are flash,you can simply save this .eps or .ai file and skip the photoshop step altogether
lastly you open or .eps file in macromedia frontgrapher and save is the new font.
The font can then be used by Xara 3d by render your logo as the 3d image.
Static logo of simply created graphics using Xara 3d.

Animated logo of simply Graphics using Xara 3d.

Animated 3D logo created with xara 3D program

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