Monday, December 27, 2010

Any film studio would kill for a movie that earns north of $400 million domestically while drawing near universal raves from 2010 features managed both feats,a one-two punch that normally would generate serious talk of an Oscar for best picture.Too bad the film features an animated Toy named Woody.
"Toy Story 3" featuring the voice of Tom Hanks as woody and Tim Allen as Buzz light year,seems the most likely film to shatter the animated glass ceiling.But it won't be easy.
For years,Oscar voters have viewed animation as a second -tier genre,worth dragging your nephew to see,but hardly art with a capital "A".
But the times,and movie demographics-are changing animated films such as "Mega mind"and
"how to Train your Dragon" routinely demolish the competition at the box office,and animated films hold slots on the list of the 10 top-grossing films this year.
"Toy Story 3","How to Train Dragon","Sherk for ever After and Despicable me."

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