Sunday, December 26, 2010

Mickey Mouse
The most famous cartoon character in animation.
"I only hope that we never lose sight of one thing.
That it was all started by a mouse".

The mickey mouse is the most famous and popular of all Disney Characters and the very very main protagonist.over the years mickey has become an icon and the symbols of the Walt Disney company.
Fancifully estimated as standing 2ft 3 in (69cm) and weighing 23 pounds(10kg).Mickey rapidly rose to the pinnacle of American culture being more widely recognized overseas than any other American icon but the u.s.flag.
For over eight years.he has signified The Walt Disney Company,animation,good will,fun,laughter and most of all Walt Disney him self.
It was said by lillian Disney his wife that over the years.Mickey and Walt grew together and were mirror of each Other's personality.They both started off mischievous and cheeky,but as they grew older preferred to step out of the spot light and observe others work their magic.president Jimmy carter once said:
"Mickey mouse is the simple of good will,surpassing all languages and cultures.When one sees mickey mouse the see happiness",
Micky's 3 circle silhouette serves as the logo for most of Disney's subsidiaries,serve for the ones that don't carry the "Disney or 'Walt Disney'", label.
The art of Mickey mouse used warhol's famous pop art techniques on the classic mouse.Ever since his creation Mickey mouse has been knows as the world's famous cartoon character.

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