Sunday, December 5, 2010

Animation film making steps
At the first stage of making

The Animation Story board:
The animation story board is the fight sight of what a cartoons are of animation.the animation story board look likes a series of comics,with individual drawing of story lines,scenes,characters and emotions and other part of the movie.
Making drawings reflects whats a character and backgrounds and also scenery,and their emotions and the general feel of the animation process.
"The story boards are very important,as the from of the basis of the work that is carried out of the movie",describing most of the major features as well as plot and it's development.
Animation story board is also coordinating vehicle of the film,taking the place of the script,and allowing different teams of peopleto work on different aspects and scenes in the movies.
The studio like pixar and will have thousands of storyboard frames.The finished movie may not always conform to all aspects of the story board,but they will document,many of the early developments in the movie.They are often in the first steps of the animation process,as they show the first views-albeit static of the animation process.


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