Monday, March 28, 2011

Kingston technology Collabrates with 20th century Fox's RIO.
Kingston Digital,INC., the flash memory affiliate of kingston technology company INC., the independent world leader in entertainment to offer special "RIO" themed packaged data traveller 101 4GB Flash drive and value RAM.
This strategic partner with the twentieth century Fox,who will be releasing the animated featured film RIO, in cinemas worldwide.This special edition will be available in themed packaging and each package will have graphics which will represent the lovable characters of RIO.The film,made by the creators of the successful ice age franchise,focuses on Blu, A domesticated Mascaw living in minnestoa with his owner,Linda,When Blu and his owner discover that he may be the last of his kind expect for one female mascaw in Rio de Janeiro named jewel.They head down to RIO find her.This 3D creation features voice work from Anne Hathaway and Jessee Eisen berg.
Applicable only on kingston's Data traveller 101 4GB flash drive and value RAM.These products will be launched in India,Taiwan, and Tailand by end of the March 2011.


  1. me and my friends are planning to watch this movie..this 3d movie is worth to watch i guess.. :D