Tuesday, March 22, 2011

DQE Announces 3D feature film release slate
DQE entertainment the global entertainment animation production and distribution company,announces its 3D feature film release slate currently under development,to be released starting onwards through 2014.
The company will release three 3D feature films starting 2012--13,with one release planned every year.
  1. The jungle book(2012-2013)
  2. The new adventure of peter plan(2013-14)
  3. The Phonenix and the flying concept (2013-14) These feature films are to be produced at a global budget of $25-30 million each.
The DQE feature film slate will be lead by the flagship properly of DQE,The jungle book 3D TV series,which has great success recently after being broad cast on leading networks such as TF1-France,ABC-Australia,BBC-UK,Disney-SE Asia,ZDE TV-Germany,TVO Canada,EBS Korea,and several other globally.The first season of The jungle book TV series in 3CG,has been sold in over 160 countries and has already been green lit for a season.
The company will further present these productions at the feature film makers at cannes and AFM with a view to appoint sales agent and distributors world wide.
The company has recently produced a 3D animated stereoscopic feature film "The prodigies"with onyx films and file life films,france to by distributed by warner Bros picture and studio 37,france.This brilliant action adventure animated 3D film is fast under completion and will soon be released world wide.

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