Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Mission

All About Animation is a three-pronged effort at animation awareness, education and encouragement, in the form of a website, blog and soon-to-be- launched monthly E-Magazine. It is dedicated to enabling animation lovers in India to educate themselves on every aspect of animation, interact with its exponents and truly appreciate this art form in all its glory.

Awareness - for those enjoy viewing animation but know little or nothing of it.

Education - for those who know a little bit about animation and are interested in learning more.

Encouragement - for those who are already a part of the Indian animation community, either as students or professionals, and need nurturing, support and motivation.


* to create one single, unified information destination; for anybody and everybody in India who is interested in animation
* to acquaint young Indian animation enthusiasts with global animation; its history, evolution, varying styles and techniques
* to raise awareness as well as interest levels; what is animation? what are visual effects? what is gaming?
* to assist and guide students both prospective and current; recommend schools, list resources, solve problems
* to discuss issues affecting the Indian animation industry; attrition, acute shortage of talent, lack of awareness and training
* to showcase good animation; by students, independent animators as well as studios
* to provide a free platform for students to display their creations and for people to view student work
* to elucidate career options; creative, technological and business

This is a very big project and we are looking for support from the Indian Animation community, by way of information sharing, sponsorship and advertising.

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