Tuesday, February 1, 2011

'Alice in Wonderland' feature Animation on Blu-ray.
Alice Animation News.
Disney's ageless cartoon version of carole's novel comes to Blu-ray Disc later this week.closing out a relatively busy year for the brand.The animated feature 'Alice in wonderland'(1951), produced by Walt Disney and Ben Sharpsteen, remains a wonderful reflection on the qualification aspects of narrative film making whose creative limits are broken as often as they are established.Walt Disney studios Home entertainment has re-distributed the cartoon numerous times over the years,but this month,Alice wonderland comes Blu-ray.
Alice,of cource, is a bored little girl who would rather not be listening to her elder sister read on about the historical efforts of William the first of England.And so dhe dreams.Alice decides to go down the rabbit hole,go on a marvelous adventure to think,feel,and do everything that is in every way logical in an illogical world.that is to say,in Alice in wonderland.one board little girl eschews the affairs of reality in favour whirling and swirling fantasies where rabbits carry over sized pocket watches and slightly obtuse queens are always up for a good card game.
Alice wonderland, embarks on an off-kilter adventure.That sets the once quite logical and straight forward girl in the blue dress set against an entire universe of clever contradictions and delightful word play.
Alice wonderland offers viewers with what every good dream strives to provide: memorable personalities enchanting ridless, and an Academy Award nominated sound track.
Disney's Blu-ray release of Alice in wonderland is scheduled for Tuesday,February1st,2011($39.99), and will include a standard disc DVD as well.

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