Sunday, January 9, 2011

Boinx software announces istop motion for the Mac App store
Create Your own movie using Traditional stop motion Animation.
Boinx software today announces istop motion,the company's popular stop motion animation application on the Mac App store.i sto
p motion allows you to create your own movie using traditional stop motion animation.without the need for a script,talented actors,a crew or a huge stage,making movies with i stop motion is fun for everyone.
All you need are some props,your imagination,a camera,and you Mac to creative amazing animations.
What is a Boinx TV.
Boinx TN-version:1.6.2.
Boinx TV turns your Mac in to a TV studio for creating live to to internet and live to stage video,Record stunning studio shows,podcasts,sports events,concerts,interview,sermons,seminars and more using you Mac and multiple cameras.
What is i stop motion
Used by educators,professional and amateur film makers all over the world to create astonishing work,istop motion 2 is the tool of choice for stop motion (caka clamation) and time lapse Recording.

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