Sunday, January 23, 2011

Roxy and Max get animated!contest.
Encouraging young francophones to make an animated film.
The TFO media partnership with the NFB is launching the ROXY and MAX get animated!contest on its website today.
The contest is aimed at encouraging young Francophones film makers to make an animated film.and is open to Francophones aged 14 to 21 living outside Quebec.Four finalists win professionals
post-production the NFB and will have their films broadcast on TFO.The finalist will be vote at to the site will vote for their favourites ,with the winner being announced Nov 14,2011.
The max site features a web series of 13 dramatic episodes starring Roxane and maxime,two students entrolled in an animation course.young web suffers follow them step by step as they make am animated film and find their relationship evolving,viewers can join the adventure too by making their own film and participating in the contest.
Registration gives users access to Toon Boom animation software and to NFB and Toon Boom specialists who can chat with them and help them successfully complete each step.

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