Thursday, January 6, 2011

Legend 3D Converts Dream Works Animation's 'Shrek ' Trilogy to 3D for Home Viewing.
Legend 3d,the leading innovator in 2d-to-3d catalog film and motion picture conversion technology,today announced that it completed the 3d-to-3d conversion of the most successful animated film franchise of all time.
Dream Works Animation SKG,Inc's shrek,shrek2,and sherk the third these titles have been bundled with the fourth 3d film,shrek forever After,and are now widely available via promotional offer with samsung Electronics.Legend 3D's 3D conversion of the catalog series bring beloved 3D content in to the home.
"Converting the most successful animated franchise of all time was a daunting task that has resulted in a validation of legend 3D's high-quality conversion technology,"said Barry sandrew founder,COO and CTO of legend 3D."completing the conversion of three feature-length CG animated films,and creating such a high-quality product ,was a tremendous achievement".
Rob Hummel,president of legend 3D,added "By working closely with the creative term at Dream Works Animation,our artists were able to deliver a truly compelling 3D experience that enhances these great stories,extending an already rich legacy.we're thrilled to add the shrek collection as the hallmark of our portfolio and know that consumers will enjoy the completely immersive experience that 3D lends to the shrek film series at home".
To creative these valuable 3D assets,legend 3D uses a proprietary 2d-to 3d conversion process,combining skilled artistry with technology to seamlessly enhance film makers storyboard telling and deepen their collections with audience.
The industry-leading conversion process,pipeline and methodology,allow for existing 2D catalog films to be produced in the highest-quality.3D and is quickly becoming an access point for library holders across the globe.
The boxed set of all four films-available in 3D blue-ray and titled shrek:the whole story-makes a great cornerstone for any home.3D collection,As part of a previously announced exclusive promotional program with Dream Works Animation,samsung Electronics is offering consumers who purchase a 3D TV and 3D Blue-Ray player or home theater system.A 3D starter that currently includes shrek;the whole story

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