Wednesday, January 12, 2011

''Super natural 'The Animation coming 2011".
The cw's super natural will be going anime in January 2011 to be released in Japan on DVD and Blue-Ray.
"Cinema Today is reporting that highly acclaimed Japanese anime studio madhouse ids producing a 22 episode season of super natural that will cover the first two seasons of the cult cw demon-hunting fovourite srarring jared padalecki and Jensen ackles.
According to their website,this would be first overseas drama to ever be developed by a Japanese animation studio.
"Super natural the animation" will not only remake 'episode of its live-action source' but will also contain original stories never seen before the new original episode will focus on the boys.
Young lives and the adventure of secondary characters.its coming to japan in DVD and Blu-ray formats on January 11,2011.Warned home video is behind the release,and super natural mastermind Eric kripke is created as the anime's creator,which bodes well for those hoping the series is kept firmly in the shows continuity
According to the Anime News Networks
The first volume will ship on January 12 with the first two episodes on February1,the "box 1" set will ship with episode 13 to 22.
There will be a different release schdule for the rental version of the project.
Shigeyuki miya(lupin111:Green vs Red,Aoi Bungaru series,Buzzer Beater and Atsuko Ishizuku (Aoi Bungaku series,are co-directing the projcet.
MADHOUS co-founder Maao Maruyama is serving us executive producer naoya rakayama(Night head,liar game) is supervising the series and takahiro Yoshimatsu(Trigun) is designing the characters .
Super natural returns this fall for its sixth season.

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