Sunday, January 9, 2011

Introducing the Bunch in Bunch of Heroes.

NGD studios begins to unveil the leading characters of its upcoming co operative top-down shooter.NGD studios,an independent game developer and publisher based in Buenos Aires,Argentina,begins to unveil the leading characters of its upcoming co-operative top-down shooter.
The Bunch is a super team of fighters from different parts of the world with an extensive(some would say excessive)experience in combat.They are the only ones that can stop the Alien invasion and their ZombieYTM! Army Tm!.
EI camarada,also known as Red scare known as legendary warrior from Mascow.
A part of the Red army he assisted the cuban revolution,after a shoot passionate romance with an operative called Tanya,he decided to stay in cuba training new revolution aries.
He perfected the exploding tiger Technique While acting a Fiedl's personal bodyguard.
Bunch of heroes is slated for Q2 2011 release for PC on major digital content delivery content.a
Become a hero,Earth needs a bunch of them at least.

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