Friday, January 14, 2011

A superman Podcast
Welcome to the 80th episode of From Crisis to Crisis: A Superman Podcast this podcast
has a simple premise:examine just about every superman comic published between man of steel111 in 1986 to adventures of superman #649 in 2011 in an informative and hopefully entertaining format part index.part commentary,part history lesson.All podcast.
After a week off because mike was stick the boys are back with the first episode of 2011,In this exciting episode Jeff and mike look at the back half of the superman books with an August 1991 cover data.
An old foe returns for the first time in ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN #481 while in action comic #668 superman has to deal with all kinds of wacky theories about lex luthor's death and Jeff has to deal with Mike's impression of Jhon Travolta.Finally the boy barely talk about ADVENTURE SUPER BOY #19 before heading in to else where in the DECU!.
Next week:September 1991 brings with WAR OF THE GODS crossover in SUPERMAN.
THE MAN OF STEEL #3.The superman and lois have a very series talk in SUPERMAN# 59.
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