Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Movies in need of a sequel.
Here is our 3D animation studio at media freaks,we are continually exploring ways to expand entertainment one of the best formulas is to build upon one success and that may be the case with movies which may still need some sequels.
There are plenty of movies that have multiple sequels.I 'he begun to think it is considered mandatory for horror films.
Yet,there still seems to be many films that could and should have sequel made.The list could include childrens films,musicals and action films.creating a sequel always has the standard of the first movie to meet and preferably exceed in order to be a success.I imagine this can be intimidating for some producers but it should be a deterrent let's look at 10 possibilities.
  1. Finding Nemo
  2. The Incredibles
  3. The bug's life
  4. Wall.E
  5. Marry Poppins
  6. A Christmas story
  7. Top
  8. Mama Mia
  9. Big trouble in little china
  10. Avatar
I am sure as you read through this risk you through of other films that you would like to see a sequel made for there were certainly many more than 10 that could have been listed.some of these older once may have a remake before they are ever considered for a sequels.
But Avatar and the Incredibles are two.the 100,i will be watching for in the near feature.